About Us

Stacie Mincher grew up in Middlebury, Vermont where she thrived artistically with unlimited access to her Mom’s stenciling paints, vintage button tins, and fabric collections.  Always encouraged to pursue her creative interests in school, she found that art was her favorite and most successful subject.  She later attended Castleton State College and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.

Stacie is best known for her designs utilizing recycled zippers, which she organizes into interesting patterns to create beautiful and unique brooches, pendants, hair barrettes, and earrings.  She has been known to cover the faces of clocks, lids of wooden boxes, frames, and Christmas tree ornaments with zippers.  Stacie began creating with zippers in 2005 after her Mother came back from a trip out West with a zipper heart pin she had purchased.  Using the bought piece as inspiration, she started with her Grandmother’s zipper collection and quickly made the craft her own.  She begins with whole zippers and cuts the fabric tape off, standing them up or flipping them on to their sides to be glued to a wood base.  She often describes the process of filling in the spaces as painting with zippers.

A life-long pack rat and dumpster diver, Stacie enjoys the excitement of the search for supplies almost as much as making the art itself.  She spends her time scavenging thrift stores and rummage sales, as well as listings on FreeCycle and Craig’s List for interesting items which people no longer want.  In addition to zippers, Stacie also uses various mediums such as paint, wire, buttons, glass beads, melted plastic, bottle caps, game pieces, vinyl records, vintage cookbooks, and fabric to create clever and innovative crafts.  Stacie’s collection of work is always big and bright as a whole, and people sometimes refer to it as “sparkly”.  She can often be found at local farmers markets and craft shows selling her creations.

By re-purposing found objects that most people would throw out, Stacie turns them into beautiful and unexpected jewelry and crafts.  In doing this, she can help to promote the idea that recycling is “cool”.  Hopefully it will get people to think about how much they consume and where it all goes when they dispose of it.  We can all do small things right now to help save the Earth which will add up to make a larger impact in the future.